Hey there, nice to meet you! šŸ„°

Iā€™m Adel (she/her), a senior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Digital Media Design. Welcome to my online ~portfolio~, which is a jumble of my artwork, code, random side projects, and weird passions of mine!

I will be starting full-time as a SWE at Facebook in the Fall of 2021. šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’»

Instagram TV Accessibility

a personal UX project designing an auto-captioning feature for IGTV to make it more accessible for everyone.šŸ“±

ux design case study ios app

The Urban-Rural Divide

using Python data analysis to reveal some national differences in thoughts on politics in America and Pennsylvania.šŸ“Š

data analytics python storytelling

dance with me!

using pose estimation with PoseNet (a machine learning model) to calculate the accuracy of dance covers.šŸ’ƒ

javscript PoseNet web app

Mini Minecraft

using C++/OpenGL to recreate a basic version of the popular game, but Spirited Away/Ghibli themed! Github. šŸ‰šŸ®

C++ computer graphics Qt

"when in japan"

a 5-design collaboration with AA Batteries, a brand that supports Asian-American artists! My illustrations were inspired by a trip to Japan.šŸ”

illustration apparel just for fun

made by adel

a small business I started selling handcrafted polymer clay earrings! Made with love and care ā£ļø

polymer clay instagram just for fun

Clementine Studios Co.

my etsy store that sells digital downloadable art prints! šŸŠ

illustration digital art just for fun